Spigelia marilandica

Melanie Ruckle Uncategorized

In the garden the Indian Pinks, Spigelia marilandica, are blooming. I love this plant. It’s native, blooms in the shade in summer, has showy red and yellow flowers, attracts hummingbirds, and is long lived. Spigelia starts blooming in early summer, the first flush of blooms lasting through July, takes a short break, and then blooms again in August often showing flowers into September. Plant them in full to part shade in average to moist soils. Optimal conditions are morning or late afternoon sun with moist well-drained, loamy soil. They are a woodland plant, so think along those lines. Plants reach 18” x 18” and grow in zones 4-9. Spigelia can take some time to get established so the sooner they are planted, the sooner you will have big, bodacious plants. Swing by the nursery or mail order Indian Pink for your garden today.