Reseda luteola

Weld has been used as early as the Roman times for dyeing fabrics shades of yellow. When over-dyed with woad, it produces Lincoln Green.
Harvest the leaves and flower stalks while it is flowering, but when the plant is still green. The leaves of nonflowering plants may also be used, but yeilds a less bright yellow. Color is most concentrated in the leaves, flowers, and seed pods.

Plant weld on 6” centers in full sun in average to poor soils. Height 2-4’ in flower. Leaves of 12 plants or tops of 6 flowering plants dye 4oz of wool. Biennial.

2″ pot


Photo of weld dyed yarn by Fran Rushworth of Rich & Strange Silk and Wool Work. Check out her blog on dying with weld here.

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