Reseda luteola

Weld has been used as early as the Roman times for dying fabrics shades of yellow. When over-dyed with woad, it produces Lincoln green.
Harvest the leaves and flower stalks while it is flowering, but when the plant is still green. The leaves of non-flowering plants may also be used, but yield a less bright yellow. Color is most concentrated in the leaves, flowers, and seed pods.

Plant weld on 6” centers in full sun in average to poor soils. Height 2-4’ in flower. Leaves of 12 plants or tops of 6 flowering plants dye 4 ounces of wool. Biennial.


2.5″ pot

Photo of weld-dyed yarn by Fran Rushworth of Rich & Strange Silk and Wool Work. Check out her blog on dying with weld here.

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