Polygonatum x hybridum ‘Giganteum’


Giant Hybrid Solomon’s Seal

Graceful, arching stems provide height and architecture along with sweet, dangling, greenish-white flowers in spring. In fall, the elegant, oval, green leaves turn golden accompanied by ornamental blue-black berries.

Best in woodland gardens and naturalized areas where it has room to grow. Combine with hostas, ferns, and astilbes for an unforgettable woodland experience. Excellent for cut flower arrangements.

The taxonomy of giant or great solomon’s seal has not yet been agreed upon so you may also find it referred to as P. biflorum var. commutatum, P. commutatum, and P. canaliculatum.

Full-part shade and some patience are needed for these beauties to reach their full potential. Height 3-5′. Spread 3-4′. Zones 3-7.

4.5″ pot