Angelica pachycarpa


Shiny-Leaved Angelica

The jade-green foliage on this member of the Apiacea family is so glossy it often stops people in their tracks. It almost doesn’t look real! Creamy 4″, summertime flower clusters with a sweet fragrance bloom in the second year and true to this family of plants attracts many pollinators with its rich nectar. Foliage has a slight anise smell when crushed. Nice!

A good self sower for longtime continual enjoyment. Trimming the blooms before seeding could help your plant continue on for 3-4 more years otherwise typically a biennial. Play it the way it works for you! Native to Spain and Portugal.

Try mixed with fine feathery foliaged plants like Stipa (Nasella) tenuissima. Excellent in containers as well.

“Angelica pachycarpa is a completely useful plant, on top of being so decorative. Because leaves, roots, stems and seeds are all edible, and all have modern culinary and historic medicinal uses.” Seedscape quote. This website also recommends using it to deter brassica moths. I’m going to be trying that!

Full-part sun. Height and spread 3′. Deer resistant. Zones 6-9.

4.5″ pot

Our plants this year are in their second year so expect some good blooming!