Acanthus caroli-alexandri


Caroli-alexandri Bear’s Breeches

A dwarf form of bear’s breeches! Gardeners with smaller gardens can enjoy this showy perennial too. Glossy deep green divided leaves flush out from the center of strong clumps reaching only 18-24″ tall. Striking 3′ flowering spikes bloom in early summer with white flowers and purple bracts.

Acanthus leaves are beautiful all on their own reminding us of the great Greek columns with acanthus leaves carved into the stone.

Caroli-alexandri ancestry is somewhat a mystery. Some consider Acanthus caroli-alexandri a form of Acanthus hungaricus, while others propose a possible hybrid between Acanthus spinosus and Acanthus hirsutus. Regardless, it has great garden merit and we encourage you to give this rare beauty a try!

Part sun. Full sun with adequate moisture. 18-24″x 18″. Plant where you intend this plant to stay allowing it to become robust and gorgeous as it will propagate from any piece of root left behind if it is moved. Deer resistant. Z6-9

4.5″ pot

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