Donkey Tail Spurge Warning

Melanie Ruckle Uncategorized

This spring I reintroduced sale of Euphorbia myrsinites, commonly known as “donkey tail spurge,” at Putnam Hill Nursery. I have had it growing in the gardens at Putnam Hill where it spread about in an appealing manner, adding structural interest in the fall and bright chartreuse flowers in early spring. Many visitors commented on how much they liked the plant, so I grew some to sell. It has recently come to my attention that the sap can cause burning and anaphylaxis in people and pets. I personally have not experienced it, but unfortunately now know of several people who have had allergic reactions. Please, when dealing with this plant wear long sleeves and gloves. Avoid getting any sap on your skin. You may or may not have a reaction to it, but no point in finding out the hard way. Please take precautions and let others know that the plant sap can cause burning and allergic reactions.